go green: preserving the catawba

Saturday July 22, 2017


The Catawba River District project is a private effort to protect 15,000 acres from NC 16 at Mountain Island Lake to Paw Creek on Lake Wylie through voluntary sustainable development and redevelopment.  The goal is to create an environmental designation and establish strict standards for development along the river as a way to protect the Catawba River watershed and boost economic development.  Organizers envision features such as 100 foot natural buffers, rain gardens, and a mandatory percentage of developed space left for tree canopy and landscaping to prevent runoff. Watch for news on the Catawba River District at www.lakewyliepilot.com .


The Catawba River begins on the eastern slopes of the Blue RidgeMountains inMcDowell County. It flows east, then south into LakeWylie on the North Carolina-South Carolina border.Many beautiful, clear streams in the upper reaches of the basin have received state and national attention for their unspoiled character. The 23-mileWilson Creek was designated a NationalWild and Scenic River by Congress in 2000. It flows through the Pisgah National Forest and flows through theWilson Creek Gorge before joining the Johns River. The basin’s Linville River also has special scenic character —the lower 13 miles is designated a State Natural and Scenic River. It spills dramatically through the rugged Linville Gorge and then flows into Lake James. Other large tributaries in the Catawba River Basin include the Johns, South Fork Catawba, Henry Fork and Jacob Fork Rivers.  [click for more information]