When there is an emergency...

Saturday July 22, 2017



CALL 911

Use your VHF-FM radio to request help on Channel 16.

Know your location and the nature of the emergency.
In North Carolina, report the identifying numbers on any nearby boat dock.

Report Lake Pollution

It takes quick action to gather information to determine the source of a problem and contain a pollution risk. There is a system to respond; don't hesitate to call any time of day, and leave a message if it is after hours.

BE SAFE: Do NOT trespass and do NOT get near any situation involving a chemical spill.

North Carolina

  • Fish kills of any size
  • Chemicals spilling into any drainage way
  • Sewage overflow
  • Mud coming off a construction site
  • Any un-permitted dumping into the lake
Report immediately to the North Carolina Department of
Environmental Conservation (TDEC).
CALL 1-888-891-TDEC (8332) 24 hours a day.

Mecklenburg County

To report pollution in a creek or lake in Mecklenburg County (signified by foam or excessive bubbles, unusual color or chalky or milky appearance or an unusual odor)
CALL 704-336-5500 during Business Hours
311 - 24 hours a day.

More information on Pollution in a Creek or Lake

South Carolina
  • Dumping of any materials into the lake
  • Spills and releases of hazardous substances, including but not limited to oil and petroleum products, chemicals, hazardous waste, waste oil, pesticides, and other pollutants
  • Run off from construction
  • Fish kills or pfiesteria-related calls

CALL 1- 888- 481-0125 24 hours a day


Duke Energy has made plans to protect area residents in the unlikely event of a nuclear station emergency. For information on how you will be notified of an emergency, what plans are in place for children in school, sirens and siren testing and emergency contacts.

Click for Emergency Preparedness Details


In the event of an emergency, state and county officials will use the following Primary Emergency Alert Stations to provide Catawba neighbors with emergency information and instructions:

North Carolina

  • FM 107.9 WLNK Charlotte
  • FM 103.7 WSOC Charlotte
South Carolina
  • FM 105.3 WAGI York County
  • FM 107.1 WRHM York County
  • AM 1340 WRHI Rock Hill
If you do not hear an announcement on any radio or television station, you may call your county�s emergency management office.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Emergency Management 
Working hours
After hours

Gaston County Emergency Management
Working hours
After hours

York County Emergency Management

24 hours

Clover, Lake Wylie and Bethel Communities